Valentine’s Day is upon us, and whether you’re in a relationship or single, chances are you’ll be spending time with content. We’re all about data and viewing behavior at BEN, so we decided to conduct an informal internal survey to uncover the truth about Valentine’s viewing habits, coupled viewing choices, and whether our employees are loyal or adulterous viewing partners!

All answers were anonymous (and extremely telling). Almost all BEN employees surveyed said that streaming or bingeing shows together is an important part of a modern relationship.

We’ve summarized our results below.

Although DRAMA had the most #1 ranks, comedy was the most popular genre among our Valentine’s Day viewers due to its aggregate score, followed by Documentary (3rd) and Action/Adventure (4th).

Counterintuitively, notable date genres, romance (7th) and horror/thriller (6th), ranked relatively low.

No love for Miyazaki films nor weird YouTube videos as “Other (I watch weird stuff with them)” and Anime received the lowest scores respectively.

We were surprised about the dominance of Netflix and Chill for our staff. Almost 80% felt that Netflix offered the best catalogue of content to watch with their partner.

Hulu and Hug was a surprise second with 9%. Is Handmaid’s Tale really that great?

HBO A GO GO, Amazon Prime Time, YouTube Moves, and Another Steamy Stream all received less than 5%.

All’s fair in love and streaming – our survey proves that most streaming relationships are not monogamous! 51% of BEN employees admitted they “stream cheated” (watched one or multiple episodes of a shared show without their viewing partner) at least once. About 17% of them were serial stream cheaters, consistently watching shared programs without their viewing partner.

When asked if they’ve been cheated ON by their viewing partner, a whopping 65% of BEN employees claim they have been stream cheated on. Despite almost all survey participants professing the importance of having common shows with their partners, the urge to watch just one more episode was just too great.

How to Avoid Stream Cheating

During our analysis, we discovered multiple causes for stream cheating. Although, “she cheated first” and “I never stream and tell” were objectively hilarious reasons, the top two reasons given were differing schedules and impatience.

BEN does not condone stream cheating, but as bingers of streaming television ourselves… we get it. Below we’ve compiled some tips on how to cope with the urge to binge and avoid stream cheating.

1. Find Personal Shows: We doubt you and your viewing partner like ALL the same shows. Maybe you love Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee but have no idea why she’s enamored with Fuller House? You’re into Netflix’s new documentary Dirty Money while he has a strange obsession with Japanese anime. (Note – We support all streaming preferences at BEN.)

The important thing is finding your uncommon ground. We’ve previously reported that in 2017 combined OTT/streaming investment topped 12.7 billion with over 450 scripted series slated for development. That’s a lot of content.

When the urge to binge is too much, make sure you have a personal show you can binge on. Save Stranger Things or Game of Thrones for date night.

2. Use Approtection: One of the beauties of modern entertainment is the ability to watch anywhere and everywhere. In a 2016 study by the Hub Research center, 42% of people watched some streaming TV on a Tablet while 36% had used their mobile phone. Over 70% had used their laptop to stream TV.

Have a business trip? You can protect your relationship by downloading the Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or HBO GO app to your tablet or laptop. There’s no need to stream cheat. Get on the same page, and you can satisfy the bingeing urge while keeping your partner’s trust.

3. Be Honest: We’ve all sat in front of a “Watch the Next Episode” screen after a major cliff-hanger. Mistakes happen. If you do make a slip up, stream and tell. A quick night of bingeing, and you and your partner can get back on the same episode.

This Valentine’s Day, when you are watching shared shows with a sweetheart, friend, or streaming companion, we hope you can make a commitment to being a better viewing partner. Unless, of course, your partner falls asleep with one episode left in a series you’ve been dying to complete. In that case, STREAM ON! Happy Valentine’s Day.

Wes Morton is the Marketing Manager at Branded Entertainment Network