Susan G. Komen, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, has partnered with Branded Entertainment Network (BEN), the leader in connecting global brands to consumers through the power of popular entertainment, for its first full influencer campaign activation to help ignite urgency behind the fight to save lives from breast cancer. Susan G. Komen will work with BEN and prominent online influencers, including Richie Le, JesssFam, BritneyandBaby, Ashley Nicole, OKBaby and Sophia Chang to educate audiences about the realities of the disease and create opportunities for them to fight back against breast cancer.

We’ve partnered with BEN because of their innate ability and expertise in helping organizations to emotionally connect with audiences through premium influencer programming.

Linda Fisk, SVP of Marketing, Susan G. Komen Foundation

“We’ve partnered with BEN because of their innate ability and expertise in helping organizations to emotionally connect with audiences through premium influencer programming,” said Linda Fisk, Komen’s Senior Vice President of Marketing for Susan G. Komen. “More than 41,000 women and men in the U.S. die each year from this disease – that’s unacceptable. We’re excited to have prominent influencers working with us to share what we are doing to cut that number in half by 2026, and to call on their followers to join our fight to save lives.”

This fall, Susan G. Komen will be highlighting the startling statistics of this disease, how it is uniquely impacting various racial and ethnic populations, and what they are doing to save lives. The campaign — “#Unacceptable” – will drive people to, where they can learn more about breast cancer and how they can help. As part of this campaign, influencers will help educate audiences about the realities of breast cancer and in some instances, create YouTube videos sharing their personal connections and stories with the disease. Following its initial kick off, beginning on Oct. 15 the organization will ask influencers and their mutual supporters to share their thoughts about the disease, why they have joined the fight and what they are going to do to help. Influencers will produce additional YouTube videos and amplified Twitter posts challenging audiences to take action. In December, the influencers will then push for audiences to make donations to Susan G. Komen, which will run through until the end of the year.

“Susan G. Komen is the leader in research and providing support for women and men who are impacted by breast cancer,” said Kristin Glushon, executive vice president of client development and sales at BEN. “It is incredibly meaningful to BEN that we can be a part of their mission in providing hope and care for those in need and to diversify the ways in which we support their cause. Using our established network, we are able to help raise the conversation through genuine and engaging influencer content.”

With a significant shift in how content is consumed and with audiences rejecting advertising that disrupts the viewing experience, brand integration has become an increasingly important tactic in reaching consumers in more authentic and meaningful ways. This is especially important for foundations such as Susan G. Komen that rely on genuine word of mouth to spread their message. To this end, other leading non-profit organizations including Wounded Warrior Project and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered with BEN to bring creative and engaging brand integration and influencer marketing strategies that capture viewers’ attention.

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