The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards

Brand Implications

The VMAs returned on Sunday to celebrate MTV’s 40th anniversary. One year after the ceremony was forced to a remote format due to the pandemic, an in-person audience signaled the next step toward getting back to normal in the music world. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were the talk of the red carpet, Doja Cat made history as the first host to also be nominated for Video of the Year, and J Lo made a surprise appearance to present the Song of the Year award.  Performers and the brands supporting their performances were back on full display for music lovers eager to engage with their favorite artists. For brands, the night was a reminder of the power of popular entertainment to draw large, fully invested crowds that follow their favorite performers in person, on social media, and everywhere they can consume their favorite music and music videos.

BEN Takeaways

award season means more audience interaction

Brands that empower artists through product placement in music videos guarantee themselves views when the video drops, again when an artist is nominated for an award, and again from the hype around award shows like the VMAs themselves. These additional promotional windows mean increased ROI and decreased lifetime CPMs for brands supporting talent.

big opportunities with musical performances

The VMAs signal the beginning of significantly increased volume of live opportunities. For many brands, your target consumer hasn’t been this accessible or this ready to engage since before the pandemic. Musicians and festivals are creating more on-stage experiences to connect with audiences in a rush to make up for lost time. 

ben delivers for brands in the music space

While nominations are unpredictable, BEN’s connectivity with both top tier and emerging artists across the industry translates to success in connecting brands with the right musical partners. Over the past year, BEN has connected brands with numerous VMA nominees including Cardi B, Lil Nas X, and DJ Khaled. Music video integrations effectively amplify your message and reach, and they have the potential to build bigger connections with these musicians. An emerging artist campaign offers the benefit of aligning with artists whose fans love to see brands support rising stars (90% of 25-34-year-olds feel that brands add value to music), as well as a compelling ROI.


Total views to date on 2021 Video of the Year nominees

Building relationships with emerging artists before they hit it big pays dividends for brands in the long run. BEN’s data driven approach to identifying the next big stars allows our brand partners to grow reach as these artists increase their audiences over time. With 1.76 Billion views and counting for Video of the Year nominees, the reach delivered by music video product placements is an effective piece of every marketing campaign.

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