The Era of Globalization

Brand Implications

The proliferation of streaming platforms has allowed consumers to discover shows and films from around the globe due to the accessibility of international content on these platforms. Approaching a branded integration campaign with a global lens allows brands to capture millions of impressions around the world with one single integration. This massive awareness strategy can only be achieved through brand integration – by being inside the content, not surrounding it.

BEN Takeaways

LATAM & EUROPE: The Global Hits Producers

LATAM has quickly become a key market for streamers in terms of audience size and opportunity to produce original content. All the major streamers have now launched in the region and with that have committed to sizable investments in local original content (especially in Mexico) that will attract local subscribers and find Spanish-speaking audiences around the globe. The UK and European countries like Spain, France and Germany have fast established themselves as key players in the global content marketplace, with content produced in these territories being distributed globally and attracting huge audiences around the world. While we’re seeing more investment in these markets and streamers establishing local production hubs, we’re also seeing these platforms acquiring locally produced linear content and co-producing with linear networks.

Co-Productions and the Accessibility of U.S. Content

There’s always been a market for U.S. content internationally, but in the past five years international entertainment has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. With the rise of international co-productions and better accessibility to entertainment, content has entered an era of globalization. Co-Productions like Elite and Fleabag dominate the conversation because they’re not only fresh but they blend cultures and viewpoints. It doesn’t stop at streaming originals as shows like Sherlock and La Reina del Sur have found new life on streaming. These shows are breaking down the walls between domestic and international content to give way to the cultivation of global content.

Audiences Are Getting More Sophisticated

Audiences are spoiled for content choices with streaming platforms putting global productions in front of people who wouldn’t have seen these shows otherwise. This has made audiences more sophisticated in their viewing habits and they are not shying away from watching shows/films in foreign-language or dubbed. During 2020 when traveling was limited, viewers discovered the world through international content.


Last year, more than 60% of Netflix’s original TV series and films were made outside English-speaking territories. Since 2019, more than a third of all Netflix and Amazon commissions have been in foreign languages. Additionally, Disney+ plans to commission 50 local productions in Europe by 2024. (Financial Times)

International Content Has Stepped Up to Center Stage

This American/Spain co-production premiered in 2018 and quickly found itself to be a staple of the Netflix canon.

76M subscribers watched the French heist series in its first 28 days, securing the #1 spot in the Netflix charts in over a dozen countries.

55M subscribers watched the Mexican thriller in its first 28 days, becoming Netflix’s most popular foreign-language series in the U.S.

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