The entertainment space is evolving. The television and movie star circles that were once rife with social sway are now falling behind a new wave of influence.

Social media influencers are now some of the most authoritative figures on the planet. Every sector is starting to strengthen their influencer marketing chops, and the space is now worth an estimated $2.38 billion globally.

What’s even more interesting, is that traditional celebrities and social media influencers are now collaborating to create a new, bigger kind of movement. Like when Ninja streamed with Drake.

The sheer strength and growth of influencer marketing means traditional marketers need to swiftly adapt their strategies. chatted to Branded Entertainment Network, an entertainment marketing company working to seamlessly integrate brands in to digital and visual media. BEN’s Head of Digital Partnerships had some thoughts on the evolving space, and what the Drake/Ninja movement could inspire as influencer marketing continues to flourish. How do you think entertainment industry has changed with the rise of influencers?

Mark Bassett: If you went to a product launch ten years ago, the room would be comprised roughly 70 per cent journalists and 10 per cent celebrities. Today, it’s more like 30-40 per cent influencers with a sprinkling of celebs. Creators are hugely powerful in the industry now, and are getting serious recognition.

What’s also really interesting is how influencers are inspiring content and trends; it’s clear celebrities want a piece of the influencer pie. Take Will Smith’s YouTube channel for example, or The Rock on Instagram; they’re acting like influencers.

Then of course, there’s Drake partnering with Ninja on Twitch. The role of influencers isn’t just growing, it’s also impacting how other players in the industry act and engage with their audiences.”

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