The Latin Grammy Awards

Brand Implications

After a year off from being an in person event, Ana Brenda Contreras, Carlos Rivera and Roselyn Sánchez took the stage to host the 22nd Latin Grammy Awards on November 18. For brands looking to connect with Latinx audiences, the message was clear. While style was on full display from every artist in attendance, substance and connection to culture carried the most weight for those casting votes. The Academy said in a statement that the show’s theme ”rediscovering life through music” was intended to “invite audiences to rediscover what’s important in life using music as a storyline.” The mission statement put on full display the need for brands to embrace and support Latin artists and let these creators be the carriers of messaging in order to create real connection with this all important consumer market. Furthermore, the Cuban protest anthem “Patria y Vida” was named song of the year highlighting the fact that Latin music is choosing to embrace significant cultural movements. Brands need to follow suit and support these causes to prove to audiences that they are taken seriously. 

BEN Takeaways

a big night for ben brands

BEN has previously partnered with many of the featured and awarded artists including Becky G, Rauw Alejandro, Jennifer Lopez and, Chino y Nacho.


Pop was on full display with Christina Aguilera returning to the stage and Karol G, Camilo and Juliana Velásquez all winning awards. “Patria y Vida”, from a team of 5 artists was a highlight of the rise of urban sounds in addition to Bad Bunny taking the prize for Best Urban Music Album.

women take the stage

Juliana Velásquez was named Best New Artist in a field where 6 of the 11 nominees were women.

just the tip of the iceberg

While The Latin Grammy Awards are one of the biggest nights of the year for Latin artists, January’s Grammy awards offers another huge opportunity for brands looking to bring their message to Latinx audiences. The popularity of Latin artists and music will again be on full display in just 2 months time. Brands looking to reach Latinx consumers should plan activations now.


Highlighting the worldwide growth in popularity of Latin Music, the Latin Recording Academy received a record breaking 20,000+ submissions across 53 categories for the 22nd edition of the peer-selected awards.
In a statement acknowledging the milestone, academy CEO Manuel Abud said “Our Academy strives to support the Latin music community through inclusive awards that spotlight the most current representation of excellence in the field”

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