In a year when the entertainment industry—and with it more traditional forms of advertising and marketing—were heavily impacted by global events, brands turned to product placement to reach their audiences and make an impact.

With a massive boost in viewership from people streaming their favorite shows, films, and music videos from home, it was a big year for companies that put themselves inside the content. Here are 20 of our favorite product placement integrations we helped execute in 2020.

Old Navy | Queer Eye | Netflix

Zillow | Like A Boss (Film)

G.H. Mumm | La isla de las tentaciones

Microsoft | Elite | Netflix

Cadillac | Ray Donovan | Showtime

Skype | Defending Jacob | Apple TV+

Absolut | Merry Liddle Christmas

Doritos | Little Voice | Apple TV+

Ruffles | We Are Who We Are | HBO Max

Cadillac | The Undoing | HBO Max

Skype | Grey’s Anatomy

Jose Cuervo | The Late Late Show with James Corden

Old El Paso | Rachel Ray

ADT | Million Dollar Beach House | Netflix

Lays | Chino & Nacho | “Raro” Music Video

Honey Nut Cheerios | Clouds | Disney+

Xbox | Dave | Hulu

Cheetos | Pen15 | Hulu

Dunkin’ | Upload | Prime Video

Cadillac | Jennifer Lopez + Stevie Mackey | “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” Music Video

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