With the announcement of an upcoming TV-casting feature (finally!) AND a star-studded cast of quality shows available since launch, Quibi has a lot to offer that shouldn’t go unlooked.

So however and wherever you decide to get your Quibi on, here’s our list of the best shows now.

Top Picks

Reviews in Less Than a Quibi

Agua Donkeys comes from Funny or Die and is very much in the tone and pace of Napoleon Dynamite. Best friends MP and Jer have a case of arrested development and co-dependency. Spending each day as pool cleaners for Agua Donkeys, they spend their days dying their tips with lemon, tandem kneeboarding at sunset, and challenging each other to breath-holding contests in the pools they clean. Turns out, puka shells prove dangerous when holding your breath at the bottom of the pool. They also share a driving force of winning the affection of the office manager, Jackie.

The Rachel Hollis Show is a daily lifestyle and wellness show, hosted by best-selling author, blogger, and podcaster Rachel Hollis. She focuses on helping women find their joy and purpose. It’s timely during this quarantine, as each episode is customized with direct and simple advice to find your motivation, identify negative behaviors (read: stay-at-home snacking and extended happy hours), setting actionable and personal goals, and ultimately defining your “happy.” She’s relatable and energetic, and you don’t feel like screaming sarcastic comments at her because she’s overly bubbly.
— Caressa Douglas, Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships

The story of Survive is centered around Jane (Sophie Turner) who is about to leave a mental health facility where she has been a patient ever since her father’s suicide. Jane has all but lost her will to live and has a plan to end her life on the plane heading home to see her mother for Christmas. Without giving away any spoilers, Jane overcomes repeated life-threatening obstacles on her journey home, which directly leads to her finding her will to live. Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton, 6 Underground) co-stars as Paul who tries his best to help Jane reignite her desire for life. The tone of Survive feels like a mashup of 13 Reasons Why and Into The Wild/127 Hours. Sophie Turner has been outspoken about her own mental illness in her past and says that is what drew her to play the lead character Jane.
— Toby Stone, Senior Content Coordinator

I am currently obsessed with Most Dangerous Game!  Liam Hemsworth plays Dodge, a floundering real estate investor who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Living on borrowed time, Dodge scrambles to find money to help treat his tumor and support his wife who is expecting their first child. After striking out on a big pitch, Dodge meets Miles Sellers, a rich CEO who offers to help, but not in the way you would think.  Sellers tells Dodge that though he can’t save him but he can help Dodge’s family by giving them money if he agrees to let himself be hunted by his client.  Dodge eventually accepts Sellers offer and the hunt ensues. The series is completely captivating, and eight minutes at a time just isn’t enough for me. New episodes drop daily.
— Loriel Weiss, Director of Content and Integration

Chrissy’s Court is a courtroom drama in which people come with their pettiest disputes, and Chrissy Teigen delivers a verdict in true Chrissy fashion. In the first episode, a couple disputes if they gave an appropriate gift to a friend of theirs.  The show includes Chrissy’s family: her mom, Pepper Thai, her husband, John Legend, and even their adorable daughter, Luna. As Variety.com says, “She is the show and the show is her.”  If you are a fan of Chrissy and follow her on social media, this show is a true and enjoyable extension of her.
— Stacy Finkelstein, Brand Integration and Execution Manager

I was hooked after just the first episode of When the Streetlights Go On, the coming-of-age drama set in Fall 1995 in the midwestern suburbs. The series sets off with a mysterious double homicide with Chrissy, a high school student and one of the victims. The polar opposite is her sister Becky, the grunge-girl teenage outcast who is stuck grieving the loss of the sister she constantly fought with and also navigate her blooming romance with the town’s bad boy—and suspected murderer. Drama, crime, romance—what more could you ask for? With new episodes dropping daily every weekday, this series is worth adding to your queue!  
— Mae Rodrigeuz, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Dishmantled is a cooking competition show hosted by Tituss Burgess where two contestants are blindfolded and splattered with food.  Using only their sense of taste and touch, they must figure out what the dish was and recreate it from scratch.  The contestant with the most correct ingredients wins $5,000.  Think Nailed It! meets Chopped condensed into 5-minute episodes. This show is fun for the whole family. Play along to see if you can guess the Dishmantled dish!
— Jillian Raskin, Senior Manager of Brand Integration

Night Gowns is a documentary series that features RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Sasha Velour as she directs, produces, and stars in a live show. We get an intimate look into Sasha’s creative process, as well as an introduction to the other drag queens and king that also perform in the show. Any fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race will enjoy the spectacular, avant garde performances at the end of each episode.
— Kendra Menard, Manager of Brand Integration

There’s a fun challenge if you don’t know the story: try not to google ‘Mayor Jasiel Correia’ as you watch Run This City, because you will be on the edge of your seat with curiosity! Correia was a 23-year-old mayor of Fall River, MA whose fraudulent activity while in office led to an epic fall from grace. Run This City does a great job illustrating  Correia’s story with a first-hand retelling by Correia himself, countered by some of his most infamous opponents. You’ll laugh in episode one when Correia talks about playing SimCity as a kid and wonder if he’s joking when he says it was his first experience as mayor. Then you’ll cringe as the story follows his time in office while he’s in and out of federal court. This series was the real stand-out for me under Quibi’s ‘True Stories’ category.

Yes, the title of Shape of Pasta says it all! For food nerds and gluten lovers alike, this series is really about the actual shape of pasta! I personally loved it (full disclosure I also loved the book, Salt: A World History), but it does come off as satire at first (can a pasta shape really go extinct?). Shape of Pasta is fun and light at the start but then chock full of culture with a fascinating depiction of what it takes to give pastas their shape and a look at the lovely people that spend so much time crafting pasta. I loved episode four as it highlights “Trofie” pasta and the new war to keep this twisted pasta handmade. I highly recommend this series and now have to figure out a way to work my newfound pasta-shape knowledge into my next conversation.

If fashion culture interests you, then the first minute of You Ain’t Got These will get right into your bloodstream, and you’ll be hooked. Or if you’re unaware that “your feet speak to the world” (according to Carmelo Anthony, one of the show’s many guest stars) or are unfamiliar with the phrase “shoe drop,” then you might want to check out this show about sneaker culture. Writer, producer, and actor Lena Waithe hosts You Ain’t Got These, and by the end you’ll know why they’re more than just shoes and have a deeper appreciation for this art form.

If you love a good look behind the scenes, Scooter Braun’s music documentary &Music is for you. &Music features the professionals—like choreographers and lighting designers—behind the world’s biggest music stars. It’s really inspiring to see this niche world that never gets any exposure, but who are also artists themselves, obsessively work their craft behind the scenes. My favorite is episode six which features Andrew Watt, a songwriter who’s had incredible, storybook success in pop music but happens to love and thrive with rock and heavy metal. It follows Watt as he gets the chance to work with Ozzy Osbourne and others to create a new album— a great episode in a series without a bad one.

Reese Witherspoon narrates quick bites from a female perspective. With mature subject matter even for older teens, Fierce Queens dives into Mother Nature and the all-important role of females. In the fourth episode, Gender Swap, she highlights seahorses and how “fierce females” refuse to carry a pregnancy, leaving the male to carry the brood. This series is shot beautifully and highlights Quibi’s ability to deliver something truly cinematic from your phone.

Around The World by BBC News may be my new favorite way to get in the most important headlines of the day. First off, Quibi gives you a pop-up button labeled ‘Segments’ within the first five seconds of the video so you can quickly see what’s covered and skip around the headlines. This acts as a hover so the news will continue to stream, allowing you to multitask without missing anything host Ben Bland is reporting. Around The World releases one episode a day running Monday through Friday and is a great news source.

If you enjoy NBC’s approach to news—a little more stripped down and less formal than the BBC’s approach—then The Report by NBC News is a good option for your headlines. While covering broader world headlines, you still get a bit more domestic news, and with The Report releasing two videos each day in both AM and PM, you get more time spent in each story. Unlike BBC’s weekday-only releases, hosts Michelle Fisher and Paul Gerke report seven days a week. The Report also uses the ‘Segments’ pop-up feature for easy navigation.
— Stacie McAdam, Manager of Client Services and Integrations