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By BEN Influencer Marketing 10/12/2021

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Who’s Next? Introducing Louie Castro!


Instagram: @louiecastro (2.2 million followers)
YouTube: Louie’s Life (2.7 million subscribers)
Twitter: @louiecasttro (479K followers)
Snapchat: thehamielouie

Louie in His Own Words:

“Since I was little I’ve always dreamt of giving my parents a better life. We struggled financially so much growing up, but I had the best childhood. I have so many goals that I hope to accomplish for my parents. This is just the beginning. Los amo!” (Pinned Tweet)


Louie’s Rise:

After joining YouTube in March 2014, Louie gained a fast following with some of his earliest videos: ‘School’, ‘Pet Peeves’, and ‘My Other Half.’ But his viewership exploded over the years, and he’s now taking over TikTok and Instagram, too.

Get to Know the Creator:

The self-proclaimed “Baddest Perra,” Louie Castro has made just over 250 YouTube videos— yet he’s one of the platform’s fastest-growing creators. His secret? Engaging videos with fun cameos from his family and friends, great graphics, and a whole lot of sass. 

With over 2.7 million subscribers and over 280 million views on YouTube, Louie is a hands down how-to master. Looking for some moves to bust at a Quincenera? Louie’s video will leave you laughing and leaving it all on the dancefloor. Want to learn how to do your makeup in the car? He’ll show you what not to do! Craving some bomb antojitos? Yup, Louie cooks, too—with attitude. And, now that Louie’s on TikTok too, his legendary “story time” clips are required viewing. 

Humor aside, Louis is all about putting his family first. From Christmas antics with all the Castros to KFC feasts with his sisters, Louie makes clear what matters to him most. And we love him for that!

Fast facts:

This 22-year-old California native loves the color purple, is a Leo, and has a dog named Peaches.

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