Music Videos: Visual Storytelling Sees New Levels of Popularity

More than 2 billion people go to YouTube each month to experience music where over 85% of music video viewing happens (YouTube Internal Data). As viewing continues to grow, brands that integrate into this content create opportunities to drive awareness and purchase consideration.

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Sleigh What?! ‘What to Watch’ Holiday Edition

What better way to end the year than sipping hot chocolate with friends and family while enjoying the best ‘Santa-mental’ films, episodes, and specials at this magical time of year. We’ve gift-wrapped a list of our favorite holiday films, not-so holiday films, and TV specials. Light the yule log, stuff the turkey (or whatever you[...] Learn More

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Brands Capitalize on the Power of Music on TikTok

Many of us are aware of music’s sweeping presence on TikTok. Songs set the tune to all types of trends, dances, challenges, lip syncs, and more on the platform.  This has had massive effects on the music industry and its consumers. Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” was an early example of a song’s TikTok[...] Learn More

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When Will Art Better Imitate Life?

Entertainment in the United States has failed to adequately reflect the experiences of diverse communities – across screens large and small. In fact, even with the considerable gains in representation for minorities in recent years, only 27.6% of film leads in 2019 were minorities, while 39.9% of the population would signal equal representation. In this[...] Learn More

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