Frito-Lay — Rebelde

Frito-Lay chips are the perfect snack for an after-school hangout in a season-one episode of Netflix’s Rebelde.

Kevita — Kimi

Angela (Zoë Kravitz) has some Kevita kombucha in HBO Max’s film Kimi.

Marriott — Charmed

Everyone needs a vacation from their vacation. Mikaela (Lucy Barrett) gets free Marriott tickets via the Marriott Bonvoy app and tells her friends about it in an episode of The CW’s ‘Charmed’.

Microsoft Surface — Bel-Air

Phillip (Adrian Holmes) uses a Microsoft Surface Book to watch a series of videos related to his political run in Peacock’s reboot of ‘Bel-Air’.

Skyy Vodka — As We See It

Albert uses Skyy Vodka as an ingredient in a blended cocktail experiment with friends in the first season of Amazon’s ‘As We See It’.

Xbox — Bob Hearts Abishola

Douglas, Dele, and Bob play a video game together on Xbox in a series three episode.

General Mills — As We See It

In the opening episode of Amazon’s ‘As We See It’, Harrison snacks on Lucky Charms cereal in his apartment.

Ty Nant — Kimi

Zoë Kravitz’s character Angela drinks Ty Nant mineral water with her lunch in HBO Max’s thriller film Kimi.

1800 Tequila — Future Music Video

Future pours and sips a glass of 1800 Tequila in the official music video for “Worst Day”, and then the bottle is on display throughout the video. Watch the integrations starting at 1:11 here.

Ballantine’s Whiskey — Bunker

In episode #3 of HBO Max’s first Spanish-speaking series “Bunker”, Napoleon pours himself a glass of Ballantine’s Whiskey—a placement secured by BEN.

Benjamin Moore — Charlie Puth Music Video

Charlie Puth uses Benjamin Moore Regal Select to paint a fence in his music video for “Light Switch”. See the placement starting at 1:39 of the video here.

General Mills — I Want You Back

BEN helped establish Cinnamon Toast Crunch as Emma’s (Jenny Slate) go-to snack in memorable scenes throughout Amazon’s ‘I Want You Back’.

Pendleton Whisky — Yellowstone

BEN placed Pendleton whisky in a season four episode of Paramount’s popular series Yellowstone.

Benjamin Moore — How I Met Your Father

When you’re painting the upper walls of a bar and need a color that pops, you can’t just go with any paint. And neither did key characters of Hulu’s ‘How I Met Your Father’ thanks to an integration of Benjamin Moore.

GMC — Queer Eye

Queer Eye’s ‘Fab Five’ don’t just roll around in any old car as they travel from town to town changing lives. BEN secured integrations with GMC’s line of vehicles for season six of Netflix’s hit show.

ADT — The Rookie

BEN secured a hands-on placement of the ADT security panel in a season four episode of ABC’s ‘The Rookie’.

Vrbo — A Toy Store Near You

‘A Toy Store Near You’ host Brian Volk-Weiss uses the Vrbo app to book a stay for him and his family before visiting a Nashville toy store.

Pernod Ricard — The Freak Brothers

Product Placement in an animated series? Yup. BEN secured an integration in ‘The Freak Brothers’ as Franklin and Phineas drink glasses of Chivas in the bar during an episode’s final scene.

Chime — 4400

After friends enjoy drinks and food during an empowering conversation about work and relationships on The CW’s ‘4400’, the Chime debit card takes care of the bill.

CarMax — To the Rescue

Featured in a season two episode of ‘To the Rescue’, Dallas Dogrrr was in need of a new transport vehicle. While BEN made the placement happen, CarMax and host Tommy Habeeb gifted $5,000 towards the ride.

Old Navy — The Hating Game

When Lucy notices Josh changed into a new shirt in ‘The Hating Game’, she doesn’t just tell him he looks good, she says he looks “Old Navy model” good.

Benjamin Moore — Rebelde

In a season one episode of Rebelde, students take turns signing the wall of the refurbished music room—freshly coated in Benjamin Moore paint.

Zillow — Walker

As key characters arrive at a property and wonder where the place was discovered, a verbal and visual placement secured by BEN put Zillow in front of audiences everywhere as they watched The CW’s Walker.

Chime — Meghan Trainor Music Video

BEN integrated Chime into Meghan Trainor’s “My Kind of Present” music video, showing how her kind of present is paid for. See the placement starting at :33 of the video here.

Frito-Lay — The Honey Girls

The perfect snack for a hangout? Sun Chips! BEN secured visual and verbal placement of Sun Chips in Prime Video’s film The Honey Girls.

Chime — Legends of the Hidden Temple

In The CW’s hit game show Legends of the Hidden Temple, Chime provides winners with increasing amounts of money depending on how far they make it in the challenge. BEN secured these integrations along with a 10-second sponsored segment as prizes are rewarded.

Chime x BEN | Legends of the Hidden Temple Placement (2021)

GM — Billions

Discreet AND stylish, the Cadillac CT5-V cruised into a Season 5 episode of Billions thanks to some placement work by BEN.

Benjamin Moore — Jonas Brothers Music Video

The Jonas Brothers’ new music video for ‘Who’s In Your Head’ begins with not just any brand of paint, featured throughout. It features Benjamin Moore paint, a placement secured by BEN. See the integrations starting from the first second here.

Perrier-Jouët — Queenpins

Kristen Bell’s and Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s characters toast Perrier-Jouët on their private jet in the film Queenpins, a toast made possible by the placement work of BEN.

Jameson — The Morning Show

Reese Witherspoon’s character Bradley shares a bottle of Jameson in a Season 2 episode of The Morning Show, an integration secured by BEN.

General Mills — Riverdale

Cinnamon Toast Crunch was part of a complete breakfast conversation between uncle and nephew in a Season 5 episode of Riverdale on The CW.

Old Navy — He’s All That

A key character shops on the Old Navy website before striking up a conversation in the film He’s All That.

Chime — Demi Lovato Music Video

Demi Lovato uses a Chime debit card to purchase a birthday cake in their music video ‘Melon Cake’ and receives purchase notification on their phone moments later. Watch the integrations beginning at 0:14 here.

Jose Cuervo — Ilana Glazer Comedy Time Capsule

Comedian Marie Faustin serves up a round of Jose Cuervo margaritas as she enjoys a “solo” quarantine dinner party in her apartment during a comedy special on Comedy Central.

CORE — He’s All That

Authentic product placements are at the core of an effective marketing strategy. BEN secured multiple visual integrations of CORE in the film He’s All That.

Wounded Warrior Project — Marvel’s Make Me A Hero Video Series

BEN partnered with Wounded Warrior Project and Marvel to create a custom short-form digital video series honoring veterans and real-life heroes. This ‘Make Me A Hero’ transforms Janice, a mom and caretaker, into a winged hero.

A Guardian Mother | Make Me a Hero

Benjamin Moore — Dynasty

Showplace penthouses are required to use the finest quality of Benjamin Moore paint… or so it went in a Season 4 episode of The CW’s Dynasty in which BEN secured a verbal placement in an opening scene.

Durex — Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X broke the internet with his release of Montero and widespread discussion of safe sex driven by BEN’s bold, unmissable Durex placement in his video for “That’s What I Want”.

Wounded Warrior Project — Marvel’s Make Me A Hero Video Series

We partnered with Wounded Warrior Project and Marvel Entertainment to create a custom short-form digital video series. This second ‘Make Me A Hero’ pays tribute to Antoinette Wallace who was motivated to serve after seeing the 2001 terror attacks.

A Healing Warrior | Make Me a Hero

Oui by Yoplait — Making It

BEN secured visual and verbal mentions of Oui by Yoplait in a season three episode of Making It, as a contestant (Jess) uses the unique cups for her project.

Smartfood — Riverdale

Some snacks are just impossible to put down, no matter the situation. And thanks to a placement by BEN, main character Betty snacked on a bag of Smartfood popcorn in a season five episode of CW’s Riverdale.

HP — TikTok Collaboration

BEN collaborated with TikTok animator King Science and secured hip-hop artist Saweetie and her song Fast Motion for some back-to-school content featuring the HP Spectre x360.

Naked Juice — Charmed

The power of fruit in a smoothie was on full display as BEN placed Naked Juice in a season three episode of Charmed on The CW.

TX Whiskey — Walker

BEN placed a visual and verbal integration of TX Whiskey into Season 1 of the CW’s hottest new series, Walker.

Jameson — Normani Music Video

BEN secured several hands-on placements of Jameson in Normani’s video “Wild Side.” See the integrations beginning at 0:27 here.

Old Navy — Growing Up Hip Hop

Old Navy partnered with BEN to integrate their ‘Project We’ collaboration into an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop with visual of a t-shirt from the project and verbal mention in a key conversation.

Microsoft — The Falcon & the Winter Soldier

During a key plot point in episode five of Disney+’s ‘The Falcon & the Winter Soldier’, important figures use Microsoft Surface laptops to conduct a vote.

Charmin — Leverage: Redemption

BEN secured a verbal mention of Charmin along with hands-on interaction of toilet paper in an episode of Leverage: Redemption.

Microsoft — WandaVision

In episode 4 of the hit Disney+ series BEN captured a hands-on placement of the Microsoft Surface Neo, along with integrations of the Surface Book and Surface Studio in other episodes.

Wounded Warrior Project — Marvel’s Make Me A Hero Video Series

BEN partnered with Marvel and Wounded Warrior Project to create a custom short-form digital video series highlighting U.S. veterans and their caretakers. Check out the first ‘Make Me A Hero’ video:

Flag, Fitness, and Fierce | Marvel Make Me a Hero

Chime — DJ Khaled

BEN secured premium verbal mention (0:25) and hands-on integrations (3:21) for Chime in DJ Khaled’s music video “I Did It”. Watch the full video here.

Chime — DJ Khaled

BEN secured a hands-on integration of the Chime app in DJ Khaled’s music video ‘Let It Go’ (5:09). Watch the full video here.

Chime — DJ Khaled

BEN integrated the Chime app into DJ Khaled’s video “We Going Crazy” (1:32). Watch it in full here.

SKYY — One Republic

BEN partnered with SKYY to secure a hands-on placement of SKYY Vodka in One Republic’s music video, “Run” (1:23). Watch the full video here.

Benjamin Moore — Zac Brown Band

BEN partnered with Benjamin Moore to secure a visual placement of their paint in Zac Brown Band’s music video “The Man Who Loves You Most” (1:07). Check it out here.